At Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center, we don't just provide treatment; we strive to be thought leaders in the field of recovery. Our commitment extends beyond clinical care to educating and empowering individuals struggling to understand their journey toward healing. Our team of experienced professionals and writers are all deeply immersed in the recovery community, and harnesses their collective expertise to produce a wealth of resources that address the diverse needs and challenges faced by individuals on their path to recovery. We believe that knowledge is power, and we are dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim their lives and embrace a future of hope and healing.

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We offer a curated selection of articles to support your unique journey to recovery. From coping strategies to treatment options, our articles provide valuable insights and guidance, empowering you on your path to healing.



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Scottsdale Providence is founded on the principle that anyone suffering from addiction or mental illness can find freedom from compulsive and self-defeating behaviors. Our clients will experience profound change through cutting-edge, evidence-based practices provided by a dedicated, professional team in a safe and comfortable Scottsdale environment. Our multidisciplinary team work with you to identify and treat the underlying causes of distressing emotions and behaviors.
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