Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

The Art of Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy, also known as solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), is an approach that empowers clients to use their innate ability to find solutions to their own problems. Instead of focusing on the origins and history of an issue, this modality takes a goal-oriented approach to problem solving. Instead of diving into the how and why of an issue, SFBT focuses on the present, and finding solutions available now.


Solution focused therapy is based on the premise that people know what is needed to improve their lives at any given time, and with the proper support and guidance, they can be the architects of the best-suited solutions. Rather than intensive work on early life experiences, or the addiction-related problems that brought them to treatment, this modality focuses on how to orchestrate the best possible outcomes in the present moment. This method encourages change and calls on a patient’s inherent capacity rather than focus on the problem itself. It attempts to minimize the overall time spent in therapy, and to reduce a patient’s current suffering by galvanizing their current resources to arrive at answers available to them in the present. SFBT works well on its own, as well in conjunction with other treatment modalities.


Therapists are using SFT to address a wide range of issues, including everyday difficulties, as well as issues such as relapse in addiction, traumatic life events and relationship issues. Because this method is based on the belief that people’s default patterns dictate how they cope, it can be helpful for anyone hoping to implement positive changes in the short-term. Solution-focused therapy can be effective in substance use disorder treatment, especially when used in conjunction with counseling and other evidence-based therapies. It gives clients important insights and skills to improve their resilience and quality of life.

Unlock the art of Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)

Empowering clients to be architects of their own solutions, SFT takes a goal-oriented approach to problem-solving, focusing on the present moment. Discover how SFT can help you orchestrate positive outcomes and minimize current suffering. Take the first step toward change—begin your Solution Focused Therapy journey.
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