Comprehensive Evidence Based Treatment

Individualized Substance Abuse Treatment

At Scottsdale Providence, we are proud to be among the first treatment centers to focus on primary mental health in conjunction with addressing the complexity of addiction. We offer customized treatment plans tailored to the unique challenges of drug and alcohol dependency. Our mission is to foster significant transformation through state-of-the-art, evidence-based practices delivered by a compassionate and skilled team.

Comprehensive Treatment for Sustainable Recovery

We specialize in a comprehensive range of services designed specifically for longevity and sustainability in your recovery, including Detox Services, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient. (IOP) Our experienced therapists collaborate with you to set personal recovery goals and develop a bespoke program that aligns with your needs. Our treatment program encompasses both individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and an introduction to the 12-Step principles, aiming for a holistic recovery journey.

Advanced Treatment Modalities for Comprehensive Recovery

At Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center, our experienced training clinicians are dedicated to creating potential outcomes for long-term success. Through our carefully crafted modalities and personalized treatment plans, we are committed to guiding you towards healing and recovery.


Unlock healing from trauma through EMDR, a powerful therapeutic approach targeting distressing memories for transformative resolution.


Harness the brain's potential, this modality promotes self-regulation and optimal functioning by addressing neurological imbalances.

Somatic Experiencing

Experience holistic healing while focusing on the mind-body connection to release stored tension and promote emotional well-being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Transform negative thought patterns and behaviors with CBT, a goal-oriented approach that empowers individuals to navigate challenges and achieve lasting well-being.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Nurture emotional resilience with DBT, specializing in regulating emotions and promoting healthier coping skills for positive and lasting change.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Embrace change through ACT, encouraging mindfulness and acceptance to empower individuals in facing life successfully.

Motivational Interviewing

Ignite motivation and navigate addiction recovery with MI, a therapeutic technique focusing on clear motivation for helpful behavioral changes.

Solution Focused Therapy

Craft empowering narratives and navigate life challenges with an approach emphasizing present solutions over the origins of issues.

Narrative Therapy

Reclaim and rewrite life narratives with a counseling modality that offers new perspectives on past events, fostering identity and positive futures.

NeuroAffective Relational Model

Heal attachment, relational, and developmental trauma with NARM, a cutting-edge modality for lasting well-being and recovery.

Grief Therapy

Navigate the healing journey of grief, addressing the natural response to life changes, loss, and trauma, with specialized support.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy unlocks profound healing, targeting the roots of emotional pain for transformative growth and renewal.

The Vital Role of Family Therapy in Treatment

Family therapy plays a crucial role in the treatment process, providing a unique opportunity to address and heal the interpersonal dynamics that often underlie and perpetuate mental health and substance abuse issues. By engaging family members in therapy, we create a supportive environment that fosters understanding, communication, and collective healing. This collaborative approach not only aids the individual in recovery but also empowers the family unit to evolve together, building a stronger, more resilient foundation for the future.
Family Therapy

Successful Recovery at Scottsdale Providence


SPRC's core program model is based on Interactive Journaling. Interactive Journaling is nationally recognized by SAMHSA as an evidenced based practice and is on the National Recognized Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) list of approved programs.


Eastern medicine practices such as acupuncture have become a staple in the top national rehabs. Acupuncture serves as a benefit in alleviating symptoms of physical pain, withdrawals, emotional problems and even curing insomnia!


The National Recognized Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) identifies the Gorski Cynaps model as an effective model for Lapse/Relapse Intervention. This work is designed for people who want to recover from chemical dependency or self-defeating behaviors.


It is now widely known that the history of addiction and behavioral health treatment, in general, was primarily geared toward chemically dependent men. As a result, women were placed in the same treatment programs as their male counterparts.


Many people have difficulty with common recovery. Holistic therapy is a non-western therapeutic approach that encompasses many practices such as exercise, acupuncture, self-realization therapy, yoga altruistic therapy and equine assisted therapy.


Anger management reduces both the emotions and physiological arousal that anger causes while changing the faulty beliefs that support anger. You can't get rid of, or avoid, or change the conditions that enrage you, but you can learn to control your reactions and thoughts.


Sex and love Addiction can be as devastating and hurtful to the sufferer and loved ones as any addiction. Sex and/or love addiction therapy can help the individual identify and change self-defeating behaviors to shape a sane and sound ideal sex and love life.


(Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) is the only FDA approved form of painless, non-invasive brain stimulation that applies a small, pulsed electric current across a person's head to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

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