Who is Neurofeedback best suited for?

Who is Neurofeedback best suited for?

Curious about what neurofeedback can do? From 4 to 80, no matter your age or situation; this powerful tool can make an impact.

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a type of biofeedback. During this therapeutic intervention, non-invasive sensors are attached to your scalp, which then communicates with a computer program.

The program then assesses your brainwave activity and uses sound or visual signals to reorganize and retrain the brain signals to function more optimally.

This powerful process allows clients to better regulate and improve their brain function, and in turn, they find relief from various neurological and mental health disorders. This treatment modality is especially useful for treating such conditions as:

• Stress, anxiety, and panic
• Depression
• Sleep issues
• Other psychological and neurological disorders, including bipolar and substance abuse disorders

Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center is proud to offer our clients therapy as part of our comprehensive treatment program for substance abuse and mental health issues. Administered by Dr. Carl Schwartz, Ph.D. and J.D., neurofeedback therapy enables clients to tap into their brain’s innate ability to regulate and optimize itself.

Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy

Clients at Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center are having great success with this treatment modality. Overwhelmingly, they report benefits such as:

• Feeling calmer and more peaceful
• Improved sleep
• Reduced anger and fear
• Greater ability to focus and relax
• Greater emotional stability

Want to know if neurofeedback might be right for you? Check out this segment of our neurofeedback video series – Dr. Carl Schwartz discusses the benefits for a wide range of people with a broad range of goals.

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