Is it Time to Visit a Rehab Center?

Is it Time to Visit a Rehab Center?

Drug RehabWondering if it’s time to go to a rehab center? Chances are, if you’re reading this, the answer is yes. Jokes aside, here are some guidelines for those who are unsure if their “partying” has crossed a line.

You Are Having Health Issues

If you are having health issues that you think may be tied to your drinking or using, it’s wise to seek help. Substance use can take a serious toll in a short amount of time. Look into treatment if you’ve started to see a physical impact – don’t ignore your body’s signals that all is not well.

Your Relationships are Taking Strain

Over time, a drug or alcohol addiction can put an undeniable strain on your relationships. Maybe you’ve been caught lying, or have missed important engagements. Or maybe you are irritable and quick to snap. Whatever the case may be, people who are struggling with a major addiction frequently find themselves in conflict or pulling away from friends and family.

You Need Some Help to Get Through the Day

Many addictions begin as mere dabbling. But even those who think they are in control may start to depend more heavily on a substance as their addiction develops in order to get through the day. A clear sign that an addiction has progressed into a serious issue is when a person starts to feel as though they “need” a substance to get them through ordinary tasks. A rehab center is a safe place to treat the physical and mental symptoms of addiction.

Your Addiction Comes First

When someone starts to lose interest in the things or people that used to give them real satisfaction, it is a clear sign that their addiction has reached a crisis point. It’s probably time to look into a rehab center if you’ve started to put it ahead of other things in your life.

Your Work is Suffering

If an addiction has progressed into a significant issue, you’ll probably start to experience negative impacts in other spheres of your life. While some people can continue to show up to work with integrity, many will see negative impacts on their professional or academic life. Missed deadlines, poor work quality, being late, or not showing up at all are all red flags that maybe it’s time to seek help and need to go to a rehab center.

You’re Lying About It

Perhaps you think it’s none of their business when a friend or family member inquires about your drug or alcohol usage, but lying about it is a symptom that things might be out of control. If you feel the need to hide your use from others, you probably already know that something is wrong.

You’re Having Legal Consequences

If you have run into trouble with the law as a result of drinking or using – such as getting a DUI, OWI, or public drunkenness violation, take heed. While even social drinkers might face these types of consequences occasionally, they are far from the norm. Going to a rehab center might be the answer.

Missing Special Events

Although alcoholics and addicts sometimes think their drinking or using effects only themselves, this is rarely true. If you are missing important events and failing to show up to people you care about, you might need to seek help.

You Can’t Quit or Regulate on Your Own

Have you tried slowing down, drinking only on weekends, switching to “less harmful” substances or making other attempts to get things under control? Chances are, if you feel you need to better manage your drinking or use, it’s out of control. Most find that even if these efforts work for a bit, they end up as bad or worse in a short time. Going to a rehab center could potentially help.

Friends and Family Are Worried

If relatives or friends have expressed concern about your drug or alcohol use, you might need to take a look at it. While you may feel defensive or embarrassed, most of these folks are well-meaning, and often bring a clear outside perspective.

Time to Visit a Rehab Center

If some or all of this rang true, or you’re just feeling uncomfortable about your drinking or drug use, we can help. Our team offers thorough evaluations and individualized treatment plans at our rehab center– whatever your goals. Reach out today.

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