What are the Benefits of Somatic Experiencing?

What are the Benefits of Somatic Experiencing?

The Somatic Experiencing® method is a form of therapy that seeks to relieve the symptoms of trauma and other stress disorders through a body-oriented approach. This modality seeks to re-set the nervous system and address traumatic shock, essential to recovering from previous trauma.

Somatic Experiencing helps people restore their mind-body connection to deal with the problematic and often physical after-effects of trauma. Clients are urged to explore the physical sensations that accompany their emotions and uncover the habitual behaviors developed in response to these feelings.

Somatic Experiencing holds that the negative event isn’t what caused the trauma, but rather the nervous system’s overwhelmed response to the perceived threat that is causing the distress and imbalance. Thus, Somatic Experiencing works to discharge the physical memory of the event in order to reset the nervous system

Somatic Experiencing is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced lifelong trauma and dysregulation. It allows people to re-set the nervous system, and prevent it from being continually sent into disarray when memories of the trauma are  triggered. This modality brings greater awareness to the body’s responses and how one’s thoughts and reactions can affect it.

Once a person can pay more attention to, and becomes better connected to their body, their mind and body are then able to work in harmony, allowing a sense of coherence, or wholeness.

By releasing former trauma trapped in the nervous system and reconnecting the mind and the body, the overreaction, anxiety, and hyper-vigilance will diminish, allowing a person to rest in the here and now. This state is known as homeostasis–the body’s natural, optimal resting state when it is free from perceived danger and able to carry on with normal, healthy physical processing.

Healing with Somatic Experiencing

The process of healing trauma through Somatic Experiencing therefore can bring huge relief to many people suffering unnecessarily.

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