4 Ways to Stay Sane During COVID-19

4 Ways to Stay Sane During COVID-19

For those who are new to sober living, and those who have been in recovery for some time – these are challenging times. People around the world are experiencing unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Collectively, we are experiencing conditions that would make even the sanest and healthiest among us waver. Financial stress, disruptions to social structures, and the potential for life-threatening illness could impact anyone’s mental wellness.

Here, we offer some tips for mental health support during COVID-19 – or at any time!

Seek Out Support

Evidence has shown that people with robust social networks have better mental health outcomes. If you’ve been cut off from family and friends because of COVID-19, seeking out new avenues for social connection can be vital to staying sane.

As hard as it can be, picking up the phone or setting up a virtual hangout can be a lifeline. What’s more – loneliness has been shown to decrease people’s immune function, so there is every reason to get connected during these times!

The good news is other people need support as much as you do, so if you feel hesitant, just remind yourself that you are probably doing them a favor too.


Practice Self Care

Although many gyms and yoga studios remain closed, there are plenty of ways to practice self-care during COVID-19. To be clear – self-care is about way more than just exercise or taking hot baths. It is about finding ways to recharge and take care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit.

Some days self-care might indeed look like a hot bath after a stressful day, but other times it might mean reaching out to a therapist or counselor, eating healthfully, or doing some laundry. Like mental health care, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to self-care.

The trick is to be honest with yourself and tune in to what you really need to thrive in a given day.

COVID-19 and Considering Others

Not always the most obvious choice when we feel bad, but taking some time to be helpful to others can offer a quick antidote to anxiety and feeling blue. Research has shown that helping others can significantly boost feelings of wellbeing.

During this time, other people are often struggling as much as you are, and there are many opportunities to be helpful. Calling to see how someone else is doing is easy, quick, and free. Helping an elderly neighbor get groceries or run an errand can also be invaluable.

Many people are finding a renewed sense of purpose and community by volunteering at local food banks. If you can’t think of anything to do, a quick search online will probably yield some good suggestions.

For those with serious, ongoing mental health issues, getting outside help will also be a critical component to getting back on track.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Let’s be real – many of us have moments during the pandemic that feel like we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. This IS hard. But for people with a mental health diagnosis, regular care plans may need to be stepped up during this time of increased stress. Getting in touch with your care team, counselor, doctor, or therapist, and discussing your feelings and symptoms can be the first step in finding some peace. Letting people know what is going on with you can be lifesaving.

If you or someone you know needs help, we are here for you. Scottsdale Providence remains a safe space for those with mental health struggles, and we remain a COVID-19 free environment.

We offer primary mental health care in a safe, comfortable environment right here in Scottsdale. We understand that mental illness does not respond to a “one size fits all” approach—which is why our program is designed to offer personalized treatment to address an individuals’ unique needs. Our goal is for every client to experience a profound change through cutting-edge, evidence-based practices provided by an experienced, compassionate team, in a safe, luxurious Scottsdale environment. We know that true change is possible and sustainable.

Scottsdale Providence is a leader in mental health treatment. We offer Partial Hospitalization, and day or evening Intensive Outpatient programs.

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